Meet radio, stage, screen personallity Michelle Mendoza

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Our on air radio team :

Michelle Mendoza-host             Maggie Valle- producer         Josh McMillen- field reporter

This site is full  of info on Michelle...professionally& Personally she is exactly what you hear & see!  She is married and crazy about her hubby, John. In addition to entertainment, and creative arts; Michelle has  raised and home schooled her 3 kids.   She loves to travel,  jam w/ fellow musician, dance, celebrate and hang out with the 'fam' and  friends who she says are her encouragement and joy.

Maggie is just plain the worlds greatest scheduling producer!  She and Michelle have worked together for many years and have a genuine love for each other!  Maggie is  the practical, pragmatic voice on the team, keeping Michelle in line :)  Maggie has a media buying background and is a realtor in her 'other' life.  Maggie is married to world class Latin percussionist Johnny Conga.  

Josh is the quintessential good guy, funny, teddy bear type.  He has been part of the team since day one.  Along with radio, Josh’s natural protective personality makes being owner of Rush Security and McMillen Security on Washington’s Kitsap Peninsula a perfect fit.   You’ll often see Josh at Michelle’s appearances making sure everyone is safe and having fun.

                                                         Giselle Ynfantes-                             Mitchel Collins-

                                                          Personal assistant                            Asc.  producer     

                        Giselle Ynfantes is Michelle's              Mitchel Collins is associate producer

                        personal assistant.  She may be         and the newest member of the team.

                        the kindest, most loving person           He is our social media, sound guy, 

                        on the planet.  She helps organize      program engineer, phone screener 

                        Michelle's personal appearances        and guy who makes Michelle laugh

                        and makes sure everyone is               during the show .  He's affectionately 

                        welcomed and having fun.                   known as, 'Booth-man Mitch.'